About Me

My story starts when I decided to study to become a merchant marine deck officer. Graduated and started sailing across the vast sea. Visited many ports and places around the world, but something just didn’t feel right. After taking everything in consideration and putting all aspects into balance, I decided that this job did not provide me with enough satisfaction anymore. As traveling across the vast sea is not always fun and safe, I wanted to finally try something I always wanted to try. Since I was interested in computers from a young age, I always wanted to progress on the path of Software development but never had the opportunity to do it. Now, after so many years, I finally started on the path of self-taught development. Few months later after lots of practice, studies and hard work, I was able to build websites using technologies such as ASP.NET Core framework and various Android App's in Android Studio. Working as a Software Developer is something I really want to do with passion.

Contact Details

Marius Toporascu
[email protected]
+40 725 135 824


Constanta Maritime University

Navigation and Naval Transport Graduated July 2012

Licenced as Deck Officer for Merchant Ships

Energetical High School

Technical Electrician Graduated July 2008

Licenced to work as Electrician



Software Developer Currently working here since November 2021

Shipping Industry

Third and Second Officer December 2012 - October 2021


C#, C++, Java, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, ASP.Net Core, Xamarin Forms, React.JS, MSSQL, MySQL

Self evaluation on a scale from 1 to 10 (mid level)

  • 7.5C#
  • 7.5C++
  • 7.5HTML5
  • 6CSS
  • 6JavaScript
  • 7.5ASP.Net Core
  • 6.5Xamarin Forms
  • 6React.JS
  • 6.5MSSQL
  • 6.5MySQL

Feel free to contact me for any work or suggestions using below information